Alex Bull

Window LustVictorian SwirlIf Uncomfortable, Please Do Not Rotate 90 DegreesBahr Bah SahlChess Club in 115EChess Club in 115E No. 2All Beef Patti
Oct. 15, 2006Desert ShowerChaseShowersInner-Outer No. 1Inner-Outer No. 2Inner-Outer No. 3
Inner-Outer No. 4Inner-Outer No. 5Life Study No. 1Hope BoyarskyFlowersWaveTRUFW
Reproduction Study of “The Origin of the World”Life Study No. 2Replication PaintingOil Wrinkles No. 1Oil Wrinkles No. 2Oil Wrinkles No. 3Oil Wrinkles No. 4
Oil Wrinkles No. 5Oil Wrinkles No. 6Oil Wrinkles No. 7Oil Wrinkles No. 8Oil Wrinkles No. 9Oil Wrinkles No. 10Oil Wrinkles No. 11
Oil Wrinkles No. 12Oil Wrinkles No. 13Oil Wrinkles No. 14Oil Wrinkles No. 15Oil Wrinkles No. 16Oil Wrinkles No. 17Explody Fluff and Stuff
Stop Motion LightSkipping on My Merry Way: The Economy BoomManilow on My MindAll That GlittersColor StudyStill Life No. 1Still Life No. 2
Still Life No. 3Still Life No. 4Gulp of ClothCourbet Self-Portrait534 Main Street ChathamHousehold LandscapesAlexandra and Christina
F2.4Inner-Outer No. 6Inner-Outer No. 7Portrait of AvivaPortrait of LizPortrait of JoanPortrait of Audrey No. 1
Portrait of Audrey No. 2Portrait of HopeSelf-Portrait: 4 Years OldSelf-PortraitPortrait of PaulHear No Cockatiel, See No Cockatiel, Speak No CockatielPortrait of Leonardo
Chillin’ on the RanchPortrait of Susan and AlexandraPortrait of SamuelPortrait of Alexandra and ChristinaStill Life of a GourdStill Life of a VaseStill Life
Table LandscapeShop WindowCereal BarfFlowers and ChecksBones and WireSquares